05 - 07 June 2018
FabCon 3.D
The 3D Printing Community Event

David enables Goliath – Partnership between start-ups and corporates in AM

For larger companies, finding new avenues and opportunities in additive manufacturing (AM) often proves to be a very difficult task without external support. Sometimes a company’s deeply rooted structures hold progress back, and at others it can be the considerable challenges of attempting to implement a flagship project in a short period of time. Fears of potentially damaging the company reputation also hold some back, as decision makers have to weigh the risks of uncertain outcomes. In this regard, young start-ups have the advantage. Start-ups can focus in on new technologies that enable them then take new paths. In contrast to more established companies, the limitations faced by start-ups are more commonly budgetary or a lack of reach; both make it difficult to introduce new products to the market. Partnerships frequently offer benefits for both sides. Younger companies, like the Berlin-based software developer, trinckle, work closely with larger enterprises, who in some cases are taking their first steps in to AM. trinckle helps companies in this early phase find the most suitable business model. But, primarily trinckle serves as a reliable technology partner in the agile implementation of innovative AM projects. 
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