05 - 07 June 2018
FabCon 3.D
The 3D Printing Community Event

Legal aspects of Additive Manufacturing - The top ten legal questions from real life experience

Additive manufacturing is no longer used only for building prototypes but now also in manufacturing final products. Thus, 3D printing must account for altered production processes, usage of new materials, altered delivery and performance agreements and innovative business models, all of which can lead to a number of new legal questions. For companies involved, it is important to recognize the complexity of these legal issues and their impact on 3D printing early in order to establish compatible business models in accordance with the law and unlock the full economic potential while avoiding any pitfalls.  This presentation seeks to give an overview of substantial legal issues – from rights to data and questions regarding the protection of intellectual property, to product development compliance and the differentiation of duties agreed by the parties and IT security.
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