20 - 22 June 2017
FabCon 3.D
The 3D Printing Community Event

Workshop "Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication with Grasshopper"

After a very successful and widely regarded keynote lecture at the 3D Printing Conference 2016 Arthur Mamou-Mani is returning to Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D. He will be giving a 2-day introduction workshop on "Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication using Grasshopper". 

Thanks to our Sponsors Delta Tower and Voltivo Group all participants will be able to print their results on site. 


Day 1 - 20th June (7 hours - 9am till 5pm - one hour lunch break):

  • Open Presentation on Mamou-Mani's work showing the use of parametric design and digital fabrication
  • Introduction to Rhinoceros3D including the interface, commands, NURBS curves and surfaces, Meshes and STL export for 3D Printing.
  • Introduction to Grasshopper3D including the interface, the relationship with Rhino, data types, components, geometry, lists, trees
  • Grasshopper Plugins including Weaverbird for mesh modelling and Silkworm for 3D Printing, creation of parametric G-Code.
  • Sending our first G-Codes to the printers   

Day 2 - 21st June (7 hours - 9am till 5pm - one hour lunch break):

  • Review of all prints, feedrate, e-value, layer height and layer width, temperature
  • Review of data tree structure, how to create adaptive components using NURBS or meshes
  • Introduction to Optimisation on Grasshopper using Galapagos
  • Working with Silkworm and Slicer to send new parametric 3D prints 

Curriculum Vitae:

Arthur Mamou-Mani is a London-based french architect and director of Mamou-Mani Ltd. His work is mostly dedicated to parametric design, digital and new form of fabrication. His installation "The Wooden Waves" at the London office of BuroHappold Engineering won him the American Architecture Price in October 2016. Please find here his Keynote lecture at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D 2016.


Participation fee:

The participation fee for the 2-day workshop will be € 890.00 incl. VAT. Tickets are on sale via our ticket shop. Please be aware of the limitation to 20 participants! 

Click here for Tickets!

Working Material:

For a successful participation it is strongly recommended to bring a personal laptop with a Windows operating system installed. Arthur Mamou-Mani strongly advises NOT to use Apple computers even if they have Bootcamp or a Windows partition installed. His experience has show unsuccessful installations of plug-ins you will use and therefor a non satisfactory outcome of the workshop is very possible.
During the workshop you will create an individualized working environment which will get lost if using a rented or borrowed computer. Therefor Messe Erfurt will not provide any desktop computers or laptops for the workshop.  

Workshop Language:

The workshop language is englisch. 


Thanks to our Sponsors Delta Tower and Voltivo Group there will be sufficient printing space and material.

Parametric design with Rhino
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