20 - 22 June 2017
FabCon 3.D
The 3D Printing Community Event

3D Printing Conference

The 3D Printing Conference has established as a melting pot for the 3D printing community within the trade shows Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D. Starting in 2013, international 3D printing experts, makers and visionaries are presenting their latest developments. Besides trends and technical innovations they are giving insight behind the scences of their research and development work as well as competitions.

No matter if you are looking for startup financing, 3D Printing for the creative industry or descriptions for DIY 3D Printers – normal user, hobbyists or entrepreneurs will find everything useful told by community members for community members.  


Review 2016

This years program of the 3D Printing Conference was dealing with three main topics. On 14 June the lectures were focussing on technical innovation, where the spot was on 3D Food Printing. Additionally Joseph Kowen from Massivit 3D was explaining the possibilities of their new large scale 3D printer and Dominik Solinicki from Sintratec showed the potential of "Laser Sintering for everyone".
On the second day of the trade show not only our Keynote Speakers Diana Drewes (Haute Innovation) and Arthur Mamou-Mani (Mamou-Mani Ltd., watch his lecture on youtube) were focussing on 3D printing in Architecture, Design and Fashion. Christoph Völcker from D.Sign21 was giving insight behind the scences of the 3D Pioneers Challenge
On the third day of FabCon 3.D the participants of the Start-Up Award were entering the stage followed by the members of FABulous - The European 3D Printing Accelerator. 

FabCon 3.D YouTube Channel

Keynote Speaker Diana Drewes from Haute Innovation

Miguel Valenzuela from PancakeBot

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